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Announcing Lunch and Learn Training

ND Industries, an industrial leader in the development and processing of high quality fastener coating products and services, offers a concise Lunch & Learn training program that provides key information about the fastening and sealing industry, as well as common problems and available solutions.

After attending an ND Lunch & Learn, attendees will know the answers to the following questions:

  • What are pre-applied fastening and sealing products?
  • How do these products reduce production costs?
  • Why are they important to safety and quality?
  • Which product is best designed for which application?

Whether a company is interested in addressing a specific fastener issue, streamlining its supply chain, or experiencing continuous improvement education for its employees, ND Industries instructors are available to conduct Lunch & Learn training. For additional information or to schedule an ND Lunch & Learn session within the continental United States, visit the ND Industries web site at www.ndindustries.com.

ND Industries Utilizing Linear GS Inspection Systems

ND Industries, a trusted name in pre-applied fastener adhesives and sealants, expands their in-house inspection and sorting capabilities with the addition of world-class equipment from Linear GS. With this new equipment, customers of ND Industries can receive the benefits associated with using one company for fastener inspection, processing, and packaging.

Customers who utilize this new opportunity will see lower shipping and handling costs by having ND Industries conduct complete part inspections at the same location that it performs the fastener processing. Eliminated transportation time also leads to a quicker part turnaround. Less part handling means that there will be fewer touch marks and less potential for part damage.

ND Industries’ new Linear GS Inspection machines can inspect various fastener dimensional tolerances including shank length and head diameter. Fasteners can be sorted for defects such as bent shanks, missing threads, recess fills, broken punch formations, and the presence of foreign material.

ND has processing centers strategically located across the United States, additional facilities in China and Taiwan, and licensees throughout the world. Inspection and sorting is currently available at the following ND Industries locations: Clawson, Michigan; Northbrook, Illinois; Twinsburg, Ohio.

More information about ND Industries can be found online at www.ndindustries.com. To learn more about LinearGS, visit www.LinearGS.com.

ND Announces Major Expansion of Taiwan Division

ND Taiwan, one of ND Industries’ fastener adhesive and sealant processing facilities, has completed a major expansion to its current location, increasing the working footprint by over 50%. The extra floor space has made room for the installation of additional processing machines, all custom built by ND. This equipment, the fastest in the industry, is being utilized for applying a variety of materials, including PTFE, microspheres, plastisol, and nylon patch, to various nuts, bolts, and other small parts.

“We have increased our product range and capabilities,” states Ricky Hsang, General Manager of ND’s Asia Operations. “This, combined with our quick throughput and commitment to quality, continues to give our customers a high-value product.”

Mr. Hsang notes that businesses appreciate what ND Taiwan has done and are sending more work orders their way. “Our business is growing and we are prepared to meet rising customer demand well into the future.”

Tim Marzano, ND President of International Operations, describes the reason behind ND’s growth. “Our expansion is a direct result of the combination of ND’s long term financial commitment to the region and the dedication of Mr. Hsang and his team.”

ND Industries,founded in 1955, has fastener adhesive and sealant processing centers throughout the United States, locations in Taiwan and China, as well as licensees around the globe.

www.ndindustries.com • www.ndindustries.tw

ND Patch U.S. Military Parachute Link Threads

ND Industries®, an internationally known developer and supplier of high quality fastener coating products and services, is pleased to announce a new contract to apply ND Patch to fastener threads on parachute links for the United States Military. ND’s Oakland, New Jersey Processing Center is using an application process it developed specifically for this project which provides rapid production, yet eliminates any overspray on this unique fastener.

“Randy (Pachella, ND Production Manager) did a great job designing and building the tooling. When the military engineer came in to review our process, she was very impressed,” said Bill Lang, General Manager of ND’s Oakland, New Jersey facility.

ND is pleased to play a role in making our paratroopers’ equipment as reliable as possible. Adding ND Patch to parachute links ensures that, once the link nut is tightened onto the threads, it will remain locked and secure.

ND Patch meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the following United States Military specifications: MIL-N-25027; MIL-F-18240E; MIL-DTL-18240F.

The ND Patch coating process produces a completely dry product that is fused to the fastener and is ready to use right out of the box. ND Patch performs immediately upon assembly with no curing time required.

The ND Patch material (typically Nylon) is compressed when assembled with a mating part. Its vibration-dampening characteristics create a locking action in the thread instead of at the bearing surface. The resilience of ND Patch holds the fastener in place without adhesives or thread distortion. ND Patch can be repeatedly adjusted and reused.

ND’s patch application process involves no drilling or milling, so there is no loss of the fastener’s strength or hardness and no problematic burrs or chips. Use of ND Patch eliminates the need for costly lock washers, cotter pins, or castellated nuts. It’s also less expensive than applying bottled thread locking compounds at the point of assembly.

ND Industries provides many top quality fastening and assembly related products and services, specializing in threadlockers, sealants, anaerobics, lubricants, adhesives and more, to a wide variety of industries, including military, automotive, electronics, aerospace, marine, construction, and appliance.

To learn more about ND Patch and other ND Industries products and services, visit our website at www.ndindustries.com. For quote requests and inquiries, or to obtain free product samples, call or email ND Industries at: Phone: 1-248-655-2503; Email: products@ndindustries.com.

ND Expands R&D Department

ND Technologies Group, which conducts all ND Industries research and development activities, has expanded by relocating to a newly acquired building in Troy, Michigan, across the street from its former location. The 7,600 square foot area, nearly double the former R & D footprint, provides more room for ND’s chemists and technicians to develop next-generation adhesives and sealants, such as, anaerobics, epoxies, microspheres, acrylics, and surface mount technologies.

“With the expansion of our Technologies Group, ND is making the necessary investments to enhance its industry-leading product portfolio,” said Mike Garofalo, ND Executive Vice President. “This, in addition to our ongoing commitments to product quality and superior customer service, allows us to maintain our leadership role in the industry.”

The new ND Technologies Group building contains expanded Development, Analytical, Environmental, and Quality Control Labs, as well as an office area and meeting room with full video conferencing capability. “Each lab was specifically designed to streamline the R & D process,” said Jim Barr, ND Director of Research and Development. “This gives our talented chemists an improved ability to optimize our products.”
Product development begins in the Development Lab, where innovative adhesive and sealant technologies are formulated and matured. Depending on testing requirements, material can be subjected to any number of experiments using equipment from ND’s other labs. In the Analytical Lab, ND conducts prototype evaluations and current product reviews. Whether using Differential Scanning Calorimetry to determine the Glass Transition Temperature of a polymer, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy to examine material composition, or a Cone and Plate Viscometer to identify threadlocker viscosity rates, ND’s chemists continually evaluate the properties of ND’s wide variety of products.

Testing to expose ND’s products to simulated real world conditions is conducted in the Environmental Lab, where materials are put through a diverse assortment of tests such as Heat Aging, Salt Spray, Fluid, and Cyclic Temperature.

ND Technologies Group holds testing accreditation through the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) in accordance with ISO/IEC standard 17025. This accreditation demonstrates ND’s technical competence in performing a variety of tests on threaded fasteners, adhesives, sealants, coatings, and mastics for the automotive, aerospace, and electronic industries. To review the scope of testing, locate ND Technologies Group at www.a2la.org.

ND Industries is an internationally known developer and supplier of high quality fastener coating products and services. Founded in 1955 as the Nylok-Detroit Corporation, ND Industries provides top quality fastening and assembly related products and services to a wide variety of industries. ND has processing centers strategically located across the United States, additional facilities in China and Taiwan, and licensees throughout the world. Further information about ND Industries’ products and services is available at www.ndindustries.com.

New Jersey Division Stewardship Award

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Environmental Stewardship Initiative recognizes:  ND Industries Division 13 for its voluntary and proactive measures taken to go beyond compliance in an effort to improve the environment and ensure a sustainable future.

ND Company Spotlight – FTI


Founded by Richard B. Wallace in 1955, ND Industries started out as the Nylok®-Detroit Corporation. At that time the company offered only one processing application, nylon pellet inserts. Through a licensing and technical exchange program, information was shared with Nylok to enhance their products while Nylok-Detroit worked directly with automotive companies to build specs for their materials. These relationships were critical to establishing self-locking fasteners in the automotive industry.

Nylok-Detroit began a phase of expansion and product development which shifted the focus towards customer driven research and low cost processing. To free the company from licensing restrictions and move in a new direction, a name change was made to ND Industries, and Nylok’s partial ownership was bought out. Once it achieved its independence, ND Industries opened a cutting edge Technologies Group comprised of Design Engineering, Research and Development, and Chemical Blending Divisions, while expanding its network of fastener processing centers.


ND Industries’ success in the automotive industry has allowed ND to become a self-locking fastener leader in markets such as electronics, aerospace, marine, military, construction and appliance. In early 2011, ND Technologies Group, ND’s Research, Development, and Laboratory Testing Facility, expanded by relocating to a newly acquired building in Troy, Michigan. The 7,600 square foot area, nearly double the former R & D footprint, provides more room for ND’s chemists and technicians to develop next-generation adhesives and sealants. In addition, ND’s Chemical Blending and Vibra-Tite Bottling Divisions continue to increase their annual
product output.

ND is the only company in the industry that controls every step of its manufacturing process. ND’s growth is supported by this vertical integration, which allows it to react quickly to customer needs, while maintaining low cost and high quality throughout the entire product pipeline.


ND Industries Taiwan and ND Electronics (Kunshan, China) Co., Ltd. have a collective team of over 200 employees and facilities covering more than 60,000 square feet in plant floor area. Unlike many of its competitors’ foreign operations, ND’s Asian facilities are wholly owned divisions. ND Industries’ Asian customers benefit from ND’s U.S. manufacturing experience and extensive connections with U.S. distributors.


Vibra-Tite, ND’s bottled product division, provides quality adhesives, sealants, lubricants and more to customers around the globe. Vibra-Tite is now one of the world’s market leaders in the bottled product adhesive industry. Vibra-Tite’s low overhead and in-house
capabilities allow it to compete with top name brand products at a cost savings of up to 40%.


Through innovation, continual reinvestment and the drive to better serve our customers, ND Industries has grown to become one of the largest self-locking fastener processors in the world. Our divisions span the USA, Asia, and Europe.

• Clawson, MI
• Troy, MI
• Oakland, NJ
• Charlotte, NC
• Northbrook, IL
• Rockford, IL
• Twinsburg, OH
•Arlington, TX
• Santa Fe, CA
• Blythe, CA
• Kunshan, China
• Kaohsiung, Taiwan
• Istanbul, Turkey


From two base pre-applied products in 1965 to currently over 100, ND continues its research and development with the regular introduction of more advanced fastening and sealing technologies. ND currently owns 41 product and process patents in the U.S. and overseas.

Seal and Protect with ND Gasketing

Seal and Protect with ND Gasketing with ND Mastics and Expandables

The world can be a rough place. The environment bombards us constantly with water, dust, noise and pollutants. While we can weather these hazards with only a little inconvenience if necessary, we also rely heavily on sealing technologies to help keep these intrusions out of our homes and transportation vehicles and to protect delicate electrical devices against environmental damage caused by these factors.


Because of the importance of controlling our living and working environments and keeping our high tech tools and toys working properly, more and more investment has been made in the area of sealing technologies to protect against environmental infiltration.

Depending on the situation, environmental infiltration can lead to:

  • energy inefficiency in heating and cooling systems,
  • dangerous gas seepage,
  • corrosion or decay from moisture leaks,
  • mechanical inhibition from dust or dirt encrustation,
  • functional inadequacy due to air leaks (in the case of hydraulic and compressed air devices),
  • or just plain aggravation owing to lack of noise insulation.


Now ND Industries has developed a line of advanced Gasketing using mastics and expandable rubber products that can effectively prevent harmful environmental infiltration by filling voids that can cause leaks while also providing insulation against related problems like noise and vibration.

The ND Gasketing Processes

ND Gasketing can be used to fill holes and gaps, seal against leakage, and provide protection against noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). ND Gasketing can be provided to meet virtually any design criteria as:

  • an extruded product,
  • a die cut product – in standard, complex, or custom shapes and sizes,
  • fly cut washers, or
  • can be injection molded (co-molded) directly onto the part.


ND Expandable Gasketing can be co-molded (Pre-Applied) to parts, improving J.I.T. (Just-In-Time) Delivery in high speed applications, eliminating stamping and die cutting, reducing handling, labor and material waste, and improving overall product quality.

ND can die cut Mastics and Expandables to your requirements or can supply bulk product to your preferred die cutter.

ND Pre-Applied Gasketing has no size limitation and parts gasketed with ND Mastics and Expandables can be shipped in bulk.

ND Gasketing materials are available in a variety of polymers, which allows a wide choice of characteristics such as:

  • softness,
  • flexibility,
  • temperature resistance, and
  • chemical resistance.
  • ND Gasketing Materials – ND Mastics and Expandables


ND Mastics and Expandables (Gasketing Materials) can be custom formulated to meet your specifications. ND Gasketing Materials are available in:

  • expandable,
  • non-expandable,
  • crushable, and
  • non-crushable formulations.


ND Expandables offer heat activated expansion rates ranging from 100% to 400%, swelling to fill the cavity it is placed in, and can be formulated to meet your expansion volume and rate requirements.

ND Expandables are used in a wide variety of applications providing economical solutions for the prevention of metal-to-metal contact, vibration, and noise-related problems and ensuring firm joints and providing extra sealing material to fill gaps and leak paths produced by stamped holes or difficult alignments.

An excellent anti-flutter compound, ND Expandables can be provided as an extruded product made in standard, custom, or complex die cut shapes and thicknesses, to meet customer requirements, and are available in crushable or non-crushable formulations. ND Expandables can be pre-applied to your parts by ND Industries or purchased for application during your assemblies.

ND Expandable extrusions are ready-to-use in an uncured form and can be applied, or bonded upon the application of heat, to any metal surface. When heat is applied to ND Expandables, generally in a paint bake oven, a reaction takes place that causes the material to expand and adhere to the metal surfaces, creating a seal while filling all space between the metals.

When used between two layers of sheet metal, the material acts as an insulator from moisture, air, dust, and noise. When used as backing for sheet metal panels it seals, prevents flutter, reduces vibration, and dampens sound.

The ND Expandable Mastic materials are:

  • stable
  • non-volatile
  • non-staining
  • resistant to most chemicals
  • compatible with production phosphatizing and paint systems
  • exhibit long shelf-life.


In a cured or uncured state, ND Expandables secure the intended area from penetration by moisture, gases, dust, sound, and vibration. ND Expandables will provide some metal-to-metal bonding once fully cured and offer excellent adhesion to metal substrates – without additional adhesives or tape.

Particular formulations of ND Expandables meet or exceed the performance requirements of the following automotive specifications:

DaimlerChrysler – MS-CD451 Type E, MS-CD466 Type E
Ford Motor Co. – ESB-118P11-A
General Motors – GM3640M, 9984188

ND Crushable Mastics:

  • cost less than silicone,
  • can be used in painting operations where silicone cannot,
  • and consistently provide reliable gap filling and sealing, even in high temperature applications.


ND Crushable Mastics can be provided as an extruded product that is specially formulated for fastening and sealing operations that require holes and gaps to be filled and sealed. ND Crushable Mastics can be formed in a variety of shapes, sizes, and dimensions, and can be applied to your parts by ND Industries or purchased for application during your assemblies or by your preferred die cutter. ND Crushable Mastics are available in expandable and non-expandable formulations.

ND Crushable Mastics’ crushable properties enable them to evenly fill and seal holes, gaps, and other voids. Bolts, nuts, stampings, or virtually any other item that would benefit from a seal is a candidate for gasketing with ND Crushable Mastics.

Using resources specifically designed for this product, ND Industries is capable of bonding Crushable Mastic formulations to a variety of substrates.

Another common use of ND Crushable Mastics is to form a loose seal. In this case, ND forms the material to specifications and the end user or assembler sets the mastic on the gap prior to torquing the fastener into place.

ND Crushable Mastics are generally used in applications where a considerable clearance has been designed into a part, thus leaving voids, gaps, and spaces which can be penetrated by gases, water, dust, and other substances. A gasket formed by ND Crushable Mastics eliminates these problems by filling the balance of the hole with a material that prevents the passage of these contaminants.

ND Crushable Mastics can be exposed to temperatures of up to 400°F without losing their sealing qualities. And, easy to assemble, gasketing with ND Crushable Mastics requires no special tools for application by the end user.

ND Crushable Mastics are stable, with a long shelf life and will not stain metal, fabric, or other surfaces.

ND can specially formulate ND Crushable Mastics to meet customer specifications (e.g. – penetrometers, tolerances, etc.) and will work with you to produce tolerances lower than any other crushable mastic supplier.

ND Crushable Mastics can be extruded in a wide range of diameters and lengths and is easy to incorporate into high-volume production functions, requiring minimal employee training for efficient use.

Particular formulations of the ND Crushable Mastic Sealer meet or exceed the performance requirements of the following automotive specifications and or standards:

DaimlerChrysler. – MSCD-69, MSCD-64
Ford Motor Co. – ESB-M4G87-A
General Motors – GM 1131M Type A or B

Introducing Microbond Washers

First adhesive washer of its kind!

Super light weight and dry to the touch!

Microbond Dri-Adhesive Washers are made from a fiberous material which holds ND Industries’ powerful Microspheres adhesive technology. Microspheres, a material formed though a process known as microencapsulation, consists of tiny spheres or microcaps containing either an activator or adhesive. Although mixed together, the shell of each sphere keeps both parts separated allowing the material to stay dry and inactive until during assembly the force of engagement breaks open the microcaps causing activation.

  • Dry to the touch and safe to handle
  • Works great on sheet metal applications
  • Provides vibration dampening
  • Prevents loosening due to vibration
  • Prevents galvanic corrosion
  • Great alternative to split-ring, serrated and conical washers
  • Adhesive activates upon installation
  • Will not scratch surfaces
  • Significantly reduces weight in assemblies
  • Custom shapes, sizes and colors available