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BryanMcClellandND Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer and processor of fastener coating products and services, announces a recent event. This past spring, Bryan McClelland, Sales Engineer for ND Industries, Inc., gave a talk entitled Fastening Adhesives and Sealants Available to Automotive Engineers to the mechanical engineering students at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte. McClelland was a guest lecturer to the students participating in the university’s Motorsports Program. This program allows students to earn a UNC engineering degree with a concentration in motorsports and prepares them for careers in the motorsports and automotive industries. The program combines classroom theory with a large amount of hands-on instruction.

During his presentation, McClelland informed the class about the variety of adhesive and sealing products used in the racing industry, such as threadlockers, thread sealants, and RTV silicone gasket makers. “The students were very interested in learning which product formulas are best suited for a given situation, and why,” stated McClelland. “They asked great technical questions about products, chemistry, uses, and standards.” They also learned about deciding when to use fasteners pre-applied with material and when to self-apply by considering factors like economics of production, labor costs, and variation.

McClelland devoted another portion of his talk to sharing his perspective on the evolution of careers in automotive engineering. He noted that “the students had a lot of questions pertaining to career choices within automotive engineering. They were eager to discuss the various engineering occupations available that would utilize the skills and knowledge they’re acquiring in school and best fit within their individual interests.”

Luke Woroniecki, Coordinator of the UNC Charlotte Motorsports Program, was glad to have McClelland speak to the class. “Bryan gave valuable insight to the students in the program about their academic options, professional careers, and how the industry works. He was so well received that the students were still asking him questions an hour after the scheduled conclusion. We loved having him give a talk and hope he does so for years to come.”

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