Lunch & Learn

ND Industries understands that your time is valuable. With that in mind, we’ve developed a concise Lunch & Learn training program that provides key information about the fastening and sealing industry and available product and service solutions.

Whether you’re interested in addressing a specific fastener issue, streamlining your supply chain, or experiencing continuous improvement education, ND Industries instructors are available to conduct Lunch and Learn training for you and your work team.

After attending an ND Lunch & Learn, you’ll have answers to the following questions:
  • What are pre-applied fastening and sealing products?
  • How do these products reduce production costs?
  • Why are they important to safety and quality?
  • Which product is best designed for which application?
ND Training programs will be custom tailored to fit your specific needs. Below are some of the many topics available for discussion.

Intro to Fastener Adhesives and Sealants

    • Introduction
    • Joint Design Concerns
    • Why use Fastener Adhesives
    • Clampload
      • What is Clampload
      • Critical Things to Know
      • Clampload Loss
        • Causes of Clampload Loss
    • Outdated Locking Methods
    • Why Use a Threadlocker
    • Ways to Prevent Clampload Loss
    • Types of Threadlockers and Sealants
      • Inert / Prevailing Torque Locking
      • Vibration Resistant Thermoplastic
      • Reactive Threadlocking
        • Macroencapsulated
        • Microencapsulated
    • Other Pre-Applied Processes
      • Masking and Lubricating
      • Sealants
    • Vibra-Tite Bottled Products

Quality & Customer Relationships

  • Services Offered
    • Design & Engineering
    • Technologies Group
    • Compound Blending
    • Processing Centers
    • Inspection and Sorting
    • Bottling and Packaging

Click here to download a pdf of the training topics.

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