ND Patch U.S. Military Parachute Link Threads

ND Industries®, an internationally known developer and supplier of high quality fastener coating products and services, is pleased to announce a new contract to apply ND Patch to fastener threads on parachute links for the United States Military. ND’s Oakland, New Jersey Processing Center is using an application process it developed specifically for this project which provides rapid production, yet eliminates any overspray on this unique fastener.

“Randy (Pachella, ND Production Manager) did a great job designing and building the tooling. When the military engineer came in to review our process, she was very impressed,” said Bill Lang, General Manager of ND’s Oakland, New Jersey facility.

ND is pleased to play a role in making our paratroopers’ equipment as reliable as possible. Adding ND Patch to parachute links ensures that, once the link nut is tightened onto the threads, it will remain locked and secure.

ND Patch meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the following United States Military specifications: MIL-N-25027; MIL-F-18240E; MIL-DTL-18240F.

The ND Patch coating process produces a completely dry product that is fused to the fastener and is ready to use right out of the box. ND Patch performs immediately upon assembly with no curing time required.

The ND Patch material (typically Nylon) is compressed when assembled with a mating part. Its vibration-dampening characteristics create a locking action in the thread instead of at the bearing surface. The resilience of ND Patch holds the fastener in place without adhesives or thread distortion. ND Patch can be repeatedly adjusted and reused.

ND’s patch application process involves no drilling or milling, so there is no loss of the fastener’s strength or hardness and no problematic burrs or chips. Use of ND Patch eliminates the need for costly lock washers, cotter pins, or castellated nuts. It’s also less expensive than applying bottled thread locking compounds at the point of assembly.

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