Assembly Aids

Processes designed to make assembly SAFER, EASIER and FASTER by reducing application errors and worker fatigue.


Stay-PutStay-Put provides temporary, dependable retention for fasteners or other components prior to and during the assembly process. We can also provide pre-assembly of your parts to reduce lost fasteners and time spent at the point of assembly.

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‌Anti Cam-Out

DriveGripDriveGrip creates a positive grip between the metal surfaces of the fastener head and the tool, increasing the grip strength by as much as 700%, preventing slippage of the driver, and virtually eliminating tool wear, rounding and deforming of fasteners.

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ND Color Code

ND Color CodeND Industries has developed special processing equipment for applying paint, dye or ink in virtually any color to the heads or tips of fasteners.Helps to reduce user error at the point of assembly by making it easier to distinguish the correct fastener.

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