Reactive Sealing Technologies

ND pre-applied reactive sealants are designed to withstand a wide range of pressures, chemical fluids and gasses. Coated onto your fasteners at our factories, the sealants arrive dry to the touch. Once installed into a mating part, the reactive components mix, initiating a chemical reaction which cures the material.


‌Expanding Thread Sealant

ST-3Expand-A-Seal is a unique microencapsulated expanding thread sealant which is pre-applied by ND to your fasteners and arrives dry to the touch and ready for assembly. Increases in volume 20 to 50% after installation, penetrating gaps in fastener threads typically left unfilled by conventional thread sealants.

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SealTekSealTek products are acrylic-based sealing materials pre-applied by ND Industries to the underhead of fasteners. SealTek products replace the need for the assembly of O-rings, gaskets, or sealing washers. SealTek conforms to surface dimensions and fills the voids between mating parts, forming a robust seal.

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