ND Product Line-Up

ND Industries – Innovative, Pre-Applied Adhesives & Sealants for Fasteners & Assemblies

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  • ND PATCH – Nylon powder fused to fastener threads for locking, sealing, and adjusting.
  • ND PATCH HI-TEMP – High temp nylon powder fused to fastener threads for locking, sealing, and adjusting.
  • ND PATCH 360° – Provides additional sealing vs a standard 180° patch configuration.
  • VIBRA-TITE VC-3 – Synthetic resin that absorbs vibration and is adjustable, removable and reusable.
  • ND PELL-IT – Nylon plug, inserted in fastener threads for locking, sealing, and adjusting.
  • ND STRIP – Nylon bar inserted into fastener threads for locking, sealing, and adjusting.
  • EPOXY-LOCK – Pre-Applied fastener locking and sealing chemical compound.
  • ND MICROSPHERES – Micro-encapsulated adhesive applied to fastener threads, for locking and sealing.
  • EXPAND-A-LOCK – Unique microcap adhesive that expands on installation filling gaps & voids in threads.


  • ST-3 – Thread sealant for straight or tapered threads with excellent chemical resistance
  • ND PLASTISOL – Underhead seal that fills in threads and retains integrity, even when nicked or cut.
  • PLASTISOL OPEN-MOLD – Alternative to injection molding and other forms of fabrication. Custom designed shapes for sealing and gasketing.
  • SEALTEK 1120 – Resiliant, soft and flexible gasket with excellent automotive chemical resistance.
  • BI-SEAL 0630 – Wax based material which seals sheet metal holes on installation of the coated fastener.
  • MASTICS & EXPANDABLES – Materials to prevent metal-to-metal contact, vibration, & noise-related problems.


  • ANTI-SEIZE 917N & 957 – Pre-applied lubricant to prevent galling of metals at high temperatures.
  • ND LM-1293 – Torque tension control lubricant that prevents undesirable substances from adhering.
  • SPECIALTY COATINGS – Range of materials designed for lubrication, corrosion resistance, temperature protection, torque tension modification and more.
  • EZ-DRIVE – Synthetic resin designed to reduce installation torques on threadforming fasteners.
  • THREAD ARMOR – Advanced anti-galling and lubricating thread coating designed primarily for stainless steel.


  • ND PELL-IT SOFT TOUCH TIP – Nylon or Brass tip on fastener for secure “grip” without damaging mating parts.
  • ND STAY-PUT – Temporary fastener retention device, useful for modular assemblies.
  • ND COLOR CODE – Paint, dye or ink that is applied to a fastener to aid in assembly & inspection.