ND Industries Utilizing Linear GS Inspection Systems

ND Industries, a trusted name in pre-applied fastener adhesives and sealants, expands their in-house inspection and sorting capabilities with the addition of world-class equipment from Linear GS. With this new equipment, customers of ND Industries can receive the benefits associated with using one company for fastener inspection, processing, and packaging.

Customers who utilize this new opportunity will see lower shipping and handling costs by having ND Industries conduct complete part inspections at the same location that it performs the fastener processing. Eliminated transportation time also leads to a quicker part turnaround. Less part handling means that there will be fewer touch marks and less potential for part damage.

ND Industries’ new Linear GS Inspection machines can inspect various fastener dimensional tolerances including shank length and head diameter. Fasteners can be sorted for defects such as bent shanks, missing threads, recess fills, broken punch formations, and the presence of foreign material.

ND has processing centers strategically located across the United States, additional facilities in China and Taiwan, and licensees throughout the world. Inspection and sorting is currently available at the following ND Industries locations: Clawson, Michigan; Northbrook, Illinois; Twinsburg, Ohio.

More information about ND Industries can be found online at www.ndindustries.com. To learn more about LinearGS, visit www.LinearGS.com.