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ND Industries® – Leader in Fastener Locking, Sealing, Bonding, and Thread Masking Solutions

Founded in 1955 as the Nylok®-Detroit Corporation, ND Industries® is a single-source supplier for pre-applied and user applied fastener locking, sealing, bonding, and thread masking products and technology. ND Industries offers high quality, affordable alternatives to Nylok®, Loctite®, Long-Lok®, 3-M® and other big name products. ND currently owns 48 product and process patents in the U.S. and overseas with an additional 42 pending. ND Industries is ISO 9001:2000 certified and provides a broad range of Automotive and Military Approved processes.

ND Electronics (Kunhsan) Co., Ltd. and ND Industries Taiwan, under the direction of J. Timothy Marzano, President of ND International Operations, have been providing the Asian Basin with unique and innovative products since 2004. ND’s proactive business strategy includes providing products such as ND Patch, Vibra-Tite VC-3 Original®, ND Micro-encapsulated adhesives, Epoxy Lock®, Sealants and PTFE along with the many other ND products and services offered to North American, European, and Asian customers doing business in Asia.

ND’s Asian operations are not licensees – as many competitors’ foreign operations are – but a part of the ND international family. ND Asian operations and Asian customers of ND Industries share in the benefits of the U.S. success in manufacturing and ND’s extensive connections with U.S. distributors who wish to extend their business into Asia.

ND Industries Taiwan and ND Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. have a collective team of over 200 Asian employees facilities covering over 60,000 square feet in plant floor area. Eddie Davis, General Manager of ND Electronics, speaks highly of his experience in China and states proudly, “We have the most high tech and sophisticated equipment in the industry today and our employees are some of the best at what they do.”

Since its start up, ND Electronics has specialized in processing nylon patch for small screws (M1.4 to M3.5) for the electronic market which dominates the Shanghai and Suzhou basins. As the automotive industry continues to build momentum in China many more opportunities await ND’s Kunshan based facility.

Ricky Hsang, General Manager of ND Industries Taiwan, believes there is great opportunity for Taiwanese/Chinese manufacturers in the electronic, automotive, and bicycle/scooter markets to improve there assembly operations by using ND products.

ND Asia currently offers 6 diverse fastening applications:

ND Patch® – ● Reliable ● Service Removable ● Reusable

ND Patch, widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries, is applied to a threaded fastener surface, and so requires no drilling or milling. The ND Patch processes make threaded fasteners of all sizes and configurations self-locking and self-sealing. ND Patch can be used on both interior and exterior threads and leave fasteners fully adjustable. ND Patch is completely dry, fused to the fastener, and requires no curing time after installation. ND Patch is Automotive and Military Approved.

Vibra-Tite VC-3 Original® – ● Not an Adhesive and Not an Anaerobic ● Service Removable ● Works on Virtually Any Material or Finish ● Locks and Seals

Vibra-Tite VC-3 Original has headed the list of unique, high quality products offered by ND Industries® for over 40 years. The most effective inert, chemical threadlocker available, VC-3 prevents fastener loosening from vibration or shock on even the smallest threaded fasteners used on eye glasses and is the only product approved for use on the US Army’s main battle tank.

Epoxy-Lock® – ● The Most Powerful Pre-applied Locking Fastener Epoxy

An ND original product, Epoxy-Lock is the most powerful pre-applied locking fastener thread epoxy available on the market. Epoxy-Lock can be pre-applied to either exterior or interior threaded fasteners. Though the adhesive surface is dry to the touch, when mated to its corresponding part the force of the connection crushes the surface skin of the epoxy coating, mixing the separate components and initiating a chemical reaction that bonds in minutes. Curing continues after installation for 72 hours.

Because Epoxy-Lock remains inactive until the coated fastener is utilized, it has a long shelf-life if stored in a cool dry space. Once full cure is achieved, the lock created is powerful, permanent and impervious to exposure to oil, gasoline, salt-spray, acids, solvents, water and air. Epoxy-Lock is Automotive Approved.

ND Microspheres® – ● Requires No Special Handling or Heat Curing

ND Microspheres are microencapsulated room temperature curing adhesives that can be applied to exterior or interior threaded fasteners of all sizes and configurations to create a powerful lock between a fastener and its mate. An ND Microspheres coated fastener remains inert until mated into its corresponding part, so no special handling is required. Even rough handling will not activate ND Microspheres.

ND Microspheres have low prevailing on torque, so coated pieces assemble easily with common hand tools. ND Microspheres contain both of the components of the adhesive needed for activation, so it only needs to be applied to either one of any two mating, threaded parts. ND Microspheres are Automotive Approved and have an indefinite shelf life when stored in a cool dry place.

ST-3®- ● A Widely-Used Automotive-Approved Product ● Easily Adjusted, Removed and Reused ● Non-hazardous and Non-flammable

ST-3 is a resilient thread sealant for straight or tapered threaded fasteners. ST-3 immediately forms a custom-fitting, elastic gasket right in the threads, preventing the passage of most fluids and chemicals. ST-3’s elasticity also provides a strong resistance to vibration, helping to keep fastener threads locked in their seated position and joints tight. ST-3 is unaffected by chemicals, including: natural gas, butane, propane, motor fluids and chemical solvents. ST-3 also protects fastening parts against corrosion from brine, chlorine, acids and alkalis. It is used on a broad range of sealing and locking applications including: filler plugs, gauges and sensors, pipe fittings and plugs, hydraulic fittings, bearing adjuster nuts, cable connectors, screws for plastic assembly.

Compare ST-3 with 3M® Scotch-Grip® Brand #4291, as well as Loctite® Vibra-Seal® 516, 517, 503, and 503HV. ST-3 is also available in bulk for use on band applicator machinery, flow coat or tumbling systems.

LM-1293® ●PTFE Type Coating ●Eliminates the Need to Cap Male and Plug Female Threads

LM-1293 is a PTFE Type fastener coating that prevents undesirable substances such as electrodeposited automotive undercoatings, and weld spatter from adhering to fastener threads.

LM-1293 application is an automotive approved process in which fasteners are accurately coated with one of a variety of thread masking and lubricating materials. The use of a PTFE Type material and a proprietary binder system in the LM-1293 coating process makes it the ideal coating for many applications. LM-1293 can be applied to male or female, ferrous or non-ferrous threaded fasteners of virtually any finish.

Unlike competitive processes which often subject parts to extremely high temperatures that can damage or discolor the fastener, ND’s unique patented process employs minimal heat. And unlike processes that require parts be completely free of oil or other rust preventative coatings, only parts with excess oil or surface contaminants may require pre-cleaning for ND’s LM-1293 processing.

LM-1293 is commonly used on welded nuts, studs, and pierce nuts and in large appliances, construction applications, and heating & cooling compressors.

Why are more customers turning to ND?

ND is a vertically integrated company offering 1-stop, complete quality source operations. Not only does ND coat fasteners, they also supply bottled product, operate an in-house design engineering group, formulate custom chemical compounds, and are supported by their own in-house IT and advertising and marketing departments.

ND Industries focuses on customers’ individualized needs. If you have a hard to solve fastening related problem, or want a better solution than what you’re currently using, ND can help you create an original and highly effective solution to help solve it.

Price and quality are universal to ND’s business strategy. ND’s advanced in-house capabilities can provide multiple functions for its customers and at the same time keep overhead expenses low. And because ND’s overhead is low their prices are typically lower than their competitors, while their product quality is as high or higher. And ND prides itself on fast delivery. ND customers get what they need when they need it.

Expand-A-Lock – Two-in-One Advancement

ND Industries has been, and continues to be, a leader in the field of Pre-Applied fastening technology, bringing you powerful locking products like Epoxy-Lock and ND Microspheres® and advanced sealing products like ND Mastics® and ND Expandables®. Now ND is pleased to present the latest breakthrough in microencapsulated locking and sealing technology: Expand-A-Lock.

Most Pre-Applied fastener coatings are designed to serve a single purpose extremely well. ND Epoxy-Lock, for example, is unsurpassed with regards to its locking ability, while ND Expandables provide an excellent seal against air and liquid leakage at a fastening point. With this understanding it is easy to see how the most effective locking technology may not provide the most effective seal, while the most effective sealing technology may not improve a fastener’s locking power.
There is a solution. ND’s research and technology experts, working from the basis of the superior locking and sealing products, have developed the ultimate locking and sealing fastener coating – Expand-A-Lock ES0105, a totally unique, Pre-Applied, high powered epoxy thread-locking solution that also provides a total air and water tight seal even under extremely high pressures.

Like ND Microspheres, Expand-A-Lock is a microencapsulated product. Through the microencapsulation process, epoxy type hardener and resin is contained within and kept separate by microscopic spheres. These spheres are then applied to the threads of a fastener in the form of a powder. ND’s microencapsulation technology allows Expand-A-Lock to remain inert until mated into its corresponding part. One immediate advantage of microencapsulization is that no special handling of the coated fasteners is required. Even rough handling will not activate Expand-A-Lock. When the coated fastener is mated the microscopic spheres burst open, activating the locking power of the adhesive agents. Expand-A-Lock can be applied to interior or exterior threaded fasteners of all sizes. And, because it contains both of the components of the adhesive needed for activation, Expand-A-Lock only needs to be applied to either one of any two mating, threaded parts for effective sealing and locking.

Expand-A-Lock has low prevailing on torque, so assembles easily with common hand tools. However, the chemical reaction that takes place upon mechanical fastening is so rapid, and its strength so considerable, even before fully cured, that exceptional breakaway torque values are achieved within as short a time as one hour. No heat curing is required for fasteners coated with Expand-A-Lock. Full cure is achieved in 24 hours at room temperature. As a locking agent, fully cured Expand-A-Lock creates a bond comparable in strength to most epoxy threadlockers.

Expand-A-Lock ES0105 exhibits phenomenal sealing action. Though some threadlockers have limited sealing capabilities, even the most formidable bonds created by threadlockers leave miniscule spaces within the threads of a seated fastener, allowing for gas and fluid leakage. Gas and fluid leakage can become a particularly difficult problem at fastening points when subjected to high pressure conditions, such as in compression tanks or air brakes. With the implementation of Expand-A-Lock, concern about leakage becomes a thing of the past. When Expand-A-Lock’s chemical locking agent is activated it simultaneously expands volumetrically 20-50% filling any gaps and voids within the fastener threads and creating a positive seal against air and most automotive fluids. Expand-A-Lock will even effectively fill gaps resulting from the use of oversized fastener threads or fastener deformation that occurs during welding. The seal created will endure even under the most extreme pressures. Expand-A-Seal has been successfully tested under the strain of 10,000 psi without compromise to its sealing capacity.

The cross-linked molecular structure of Expand-A-Lock makes it one of the most resistant types of fastener adhesive available. Fully cured, Expand-A-Lock’s locking and sealing power is unaffected by exposure to foreign substances, including: oil, gasoline, salt-spray, acids, solvents, water and more.

ND’s pre-applied process ensures that Expand-A-Lock is more cost effective and less hassle than bottled threadlockers applied at the point of assembly. Since Expand-A-Lock coated fasteners remain inactive until assembled, their shelf-life is practically indefinite.

Expand-A-Lock can be used to lock and seal almost any critical application where shock, vibration and fluid or air pressure could cause a fastener to loosen or a joint to leak. Typical applications include: engine pipe plugs, air filtering connectors, compressor fittings, cooling connectors and much more.

ND Industries Announces New General Manager

ND Industries®, an internationally known developer and supplier of high quality fastener coating products and services, is pleased to announce the promotion of Bill Shirley to the to the position of General Manager of Division 16, in Twinsburg, Ohio, in charge of total operations of plant production, personnel and sales. With several years of experience in business management Bill Shirley will be an invaluable asset to Division 16 in his new position.

Bill Shirley graduated from Columbus Business University with a degree in Business Administration. He worked for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. as Store Manager and Territory Sales Manager for 11years and for other independent companies for 6 years before starting his own business. After a dozen years of entrepreneurship he worked for Forest City Technologies for 11 years. Mr. Shirley joined the ND team in 1999.

ND Industries provides many top quality fastening and assembly related products and services, specializing in threadlockers, sealants, anaerobics, lubricants, adhesives and more, to a wide variety of industries, including automotive, electronics, aerospace, marine, construction, and appliance.