ND Plastisol Open-Mold


ND Plastisol Open-Mold products are the perfect low cost alternative to thermal injection molding, rubber molding, die cutting, and hand fabrication. Available as gaskets, O-rings, washers, bezels, and other complex shapes.

How it Works

ND Plastisol Open-Mold products require minimal tooling components designed by ND to the specifications of each customer part. The resulting product is dry to the touch and ready for immediate installation. ND Plastisol can be applied to a wide variety of parts for use in functions such as:  • Cushioning • Insulating • Masking • Sealing • Trimming • Controlling Noise • Reducing Vibration


Advanced Sealing

ND Plastisol Open-Mold provides an immediate positive seal that eliminates leaks and fills voids between mating parts.

Custom Shapes

ND Plastisol Open-Mold utilizes a unique open mold forming technique that is perfect for a wide variety of applications such as gaskets, washers, bezels, and other complex shapes.

Low Tooling Costs

Due to ND Plastisol Open-Mold's unique process, production requires fewer tooling components and less setup time than conventional forming techniques such as thermal injection molding, rubber molding, die cutting, and hand fabrication.

Environmental Resistance

ND Plastisol Open-Mold offers weatherability and dielectric strength while providing excellent fire, chemical, abrasion, UV, and ozone resistance.

Custom Formulas

ND Plastisol Open-Mold products are available in virtually any durometer (hard to soft), and in any color, including fluorescent and clear.

Long Shelf Life

ND Plastisol Open-Mold products exhibit an extended shelf life and will not dry or shrink with exposure to the environment.


  • Saves Time: ND Plastisol Open-Mold requires minimal tooling allowing products to “get to market quicker.”
  • Saves Money: ND Plastisol Open-Mold products are less expensive, making them perfect for prototypes, and short, medium, or even high volume runs.
  • Quality Control: Pre-Applied ND Plastisol Open-Mold products are designed to specification, insuring consistent performance.
  • Non-Toxic: ND Plastisol Open-Mold is non-toxic.


  • On part shelf life is indefinite when stored at 22±4°C.
  • As with all our pre-applied products, ND Industries can apply Open-Mold Plastisol onto your fasteners at any one of our regional service centers, or we can supply you with fasteners that contain a pre-applied Open-Mold Plastisol.

ND Plastisol Open-Mold Competes With



Automotive Interior Applications, Automotive Gaskets

Safety, Technical & Product Data Sheets

Process NameMaterialSafety Data Sheet (Applied)Technical Data Sheet (Applied)Process Data Sheet
ND Plastisol Open-MoldND Plastisol Open-MoldPlastisol Open-Mold - PDS
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