ND Pell-it® (Pellet)


ND Pell-it is a pre-applied process which makes either male or female threaded fasteners of virtually any size, material or finish, self-locking. It involves drilling a hole into fastener threads and inserting a tough plug or pellet of nylon. It delivers outstanding performance in both high and low temperature extremes. Due to its compressibility, resilience and resistance to deformation, fasteners utilizing ND Pell-it processing can be repeatedly removed and adjusted.

How it Works

Customer fasteners are first sent to ND for processing. Using custom equipment we drill a hole into the fastener threads, deburr any edges, then have the part sent out for re-plating if necessary. Next a tough plug or pellet typically made of nylon is inserted into the hole. Completed parts are shipped back to the customer. When assembled with a mating part the resilient pellet is compressed. This compression exerts a force 180° opposite, increasing metal to metal contact and holding the fastener in place without adhesives or thread distortion. The engineered plastic pellet provides locking action in the thread instead of at the bearing surface.


Dependable Lock

Resistant to vibration or reversal of stress. As long as the nylon pellet has been engaged, processed fasteners lock whether seated or unseated.

Resists Heat & Cold

ND Pell-it processing meets or exceeds IFI Specifications 124, 524, and military Specification MIL-DTL-18240F Type N for temperatures up to +250°F (up to + 120°C).


Due to its resiliance, nylon pellet inserts can be adjusted and removed several times without substantially decreasing the fasteners locking ability.

Resists Chemicals

Nylon is virtually impervious to a wide range of chemicals, water, and motor fluids. Will not dry, shrink, or lose resiliency when exposed to commercial solvents, alcohol, gasoline, oil, caustic soda, jet fuel, and many other chemicals.

Internal Threads

Any female part can be Pell-itized by the ``twist`` method of spinning the Pell-it into a tapped hole from the O.D. of the part. ND Pell-it processing is particularly suitable for bearing retainer nuts.

Press-Fit Applications

Press-Fit fasteners with pellet inserts provide a close fit without expensive close tolerances. Replaces the need for extra parts, special grooves, clips, or retaining rings.

Process Benefits

  • Saves Time: ND Pell-it processed fasteners can be automatically fed through standard feeding devices – speeding up your workflow and improving productivity.
  • Saves Money: ND Pell-it processing eliminates the need for costly lock washers, cotter pins, or castellated nuts. You get a close fit without expensive close tolerances.
  • Quality Control: Locking elements are installed with automated equipment, insuring consistent performance unlike bottled products.
  • Saves Effort: ND Pell-it processing greatly reduces the need for retightening.
  • Increased Margins: Add value to your fasteners without adding to inventory by supplying customers with self-locking fasteners.
  • Won’t Work Loose: Under most operating conditions, pellets are unaffected by vibration or reversal of stress. Locks whether your fasteners are seated or unseated, making it ideal for use with gasketed joints, plastic, or glass.

Processing Notes

  • ND Pell-it processing is available with Neoflon™ and Vespel® materials for higher temperature applications.
  • Pellets are normally positioned one to three threads back from the end of a fastener to assure ease of starting. Special positioning can be specified for specific applications. Pellet location and diameter can be tailored to fit your needs.
  • Indefinite on part life under ideal storage conditions [+40°F (+4°C) to +90°F (+32°C)], but re-certification must occur once a year.

ND Pell-it Competes With

  • (Nylon 6/6) – Nylok® Blue® Pellet
  • (Nylon 6/6) – Long-Lok® Tek-Lok

Nylok®is a registered trademark of Nylok LLC, USA.  Long-Lok® is a registered trademark of Long-Lok Fasteners Corporation, USA.


Millitary Fasteners
Military Fasteners, Aerospace. ND Pell-It Soft Touch Tip is ideal for applications where it is necessary to make repeated adjustments to a gear or pulley on a shaft. This unique anti-marring fastening method will not raise burrs, thus circumventing break downs.

Compatible Fasteners

External Threads:Internal Threads:Rivets:
Banjo Bolts, Hex Bolts, Flange Bolts, Wheel Bolts, Machine Screws, Cap Screws, Wood Screws, Sheet Metal Screws, Self Drilling Screws, Shoulder Bolts, Tube Nuts, Fully Threaded Studs, Double Ended Studs, Singled Ended Studs, Press-In Captive Studs, Carriage Bolts, Lag Bolts, Socket Screws, Set Screws, Eye Bolts, Eye Lags, J-Bolts, U-Bolts, Elevator Bolts, Hangar Bolts, Perforated Base Studs, Through Hole Weld Studs.Flange Nuts, Hex Body Clinch Nuts, Prevailing Torque Nuts, Floating Nuts, Hollow Bolts, Insert Nuts, Lock Nuts, Weld Nuts, Barrel Nuts, Chicago Bolts, Jam Nuts, Wing Nuts, Square Nuts, Self-Locating Projection Weld Nuts (WN/WNS), Spot Weld Nuts, Projection Weld Nuts, Bridge Spot Weld Nuts, Tab Spot Weld Nuts, Square Projection Weld Nuts, Flange Weld Projection Nuts, Stamped Flange Weld Nuts, Spot Weld Cage Nuts.N/A

Don’t see your parts on this list? We process thousands of different types of fasteners and depending on the quantity will gladly look at whether we can accommodate yours as well.

Technical Data

MaterialReusabilityTemp MinTemp MaxColor
Copper5 Cycles-400°F (-240°C)800°F (430°C)Copper
Neoflon® (KEL-F®)0 Cycles-320°F (-200°C)390°F (200°C)Blue
Nylon 6/615 Cycles-65°F (-54°C)250°F (120°C)Typically Yellow
Stainless Steel0 Cycles-400°F (-240°C)1200°F (650°C)Silver
PTFE5 Cycles-450°F (-270°C)550°F (290°C)White
Vespel®5 Cycles-450°F (-270°C)550°F (290°C)Brown

*QPL-18240 and MIL-DTL-18240F requires yellow nylon.

®KEL-F is a registered trademark of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. ®Vespel is a registered trademark of EI. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Neoflon® is a registered trademark of Daikin Industries, LTD. Company, Japan.


Particular variations of ND Pell-it processing meet or exceed the performance requirements of the following specifications and/or standards:

Spec ForSpec NumberND ProcessND Material
Detroit DieselTES 173ND Pell-ItNylon
Fiat ChryslerPF-5144ND Pell-ItNylon
Fiat ChryslerPF-5461ND Pell-ItNylon
Fiat ChryslerPF-6157ND Pell-ItNylon
Fiat ChryslerPF-6158ND Pell-ItNylon
FordES-378813-S100ND Pell-ItNylon
FordES-382101-S100ND Pell-ItNylon
IFIIFI-124 (INCH)ND Pell-ItND Pell-It
John DeereJDT 905ND Pell-ItNylon
Mack Truck10AMS1ND Pell-ItNylon
Mack Truck3/6AXS5ND Pell-ItNylon
US MilitaryMIL-DTL-18240FND Pell-ItNylon
US MilitaryMIL-N-25027ND Pell-ItNylon
US MilitaryQPL-18240-33ND Pell-ItNylon

Safety, Technical & Process Data Sheets

Process NameMaterialSafety Data Sheet (Applied)Technical Data Sheet (Applied)Process Data Sheet
ND Pell-It®NylonND1013ND Pell-it - PDS
ND Pell-It®Neoflon® (KEL-F®)ND Pell-it - PDS
ND Pell-It®Vespel®ND Pell-it - PDS
ND Pell-It®CopperND Pell-it - PDS
ND Pell-It®Stainless SteelND Pell-it - PDS
ND Pell-It® Soft Touch TipNylonND1013ND Pell-it Soft Touch Tip - PDS
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