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Based on the principle of prevailing torque, inert thread locking products provide instant fastener retention and sealing properties with the added benefit of adjustability and reusability. Inert threadlockers are highly chemical resistant and eliminate the need for costly lock washers, cotter pins, or castellated nuts.

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Reactive thread locking products are dry to the touch adhesives pre-applied to internally or externally threaded fasteners. During installation the encapsulated components mix, causing a chemical reaction which locks together and seals the mating parts. In specific formulations an expansion also occurs, filling the gaps between fastener threads.

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Whether sealing sheet metal, fastener threads, or under the head of fasteners, we have a product that will meet your requirements. ND pre-applied sealants are designed to withstand a wide range of pressures, chemical fluids and gasses.

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A range of products developed to prevent seizing, reduce installation torque, limit material adhesion, and more. Masking and lubricating products can decrease assembly and disassembly time which leads to an increase in productivity. Applied directly to fasteners they are ready for use right out of the box with no curing or drying required.

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Products designed to make assembly SAFER, EASIER and FASTER by reducing application errors and worker fatigue.

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Bottled product line of locking, sealing and lubricating products for user application, or in large bulk quantities for production application.

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 ND HQ Self-Locking InsertsND PatchND Patch High-TempND Pell-ItND Pell-It Soft Touch TipND StripVibra-Tite VC-3Epoxy-LockExpand-A-LockND Microspheres AcrylicND Microspheres EpoxyND Microspheres TAAnti-SeizeEZ-DriveLM-1293Specialty CoatingsBiseal 0630ND Crushable MasticsND Expandable MasticsND PlastisolPlastisol Open-MoldSealTekST-3DriveGripND Color CodeStay-Put
Chemical Resistant
Galvanic Corrosion Resistant
High Temperature
Low Outgassing
No Cure Required
Reduces Noise, Vibration, and Harshness
Reduces Seizing and Galling
Temporary Retention
Inert Chemistry
Reactive Chemistry
Torque Tension Control
Indefinite Shelf-Life
Vibration Resistance
Weld Spatter Masking

= Product exhibits this feature.     = Particular formulations of the product exhibit this feature.