ND Pell-it® Soft Touch Tip


ND Pell-it Soft Touch Tip is a pre-applied process in which a pellet typically made of nylon, is inserted into the tip of a set screw or bolt end. The pellet permits full-face, cushioned contact with a curved shaft while ensuring a secure hold. ND Pell-it Soft Touch Tip processed fasteners are highly reusable and when installed with alternate materials, can be utilized in high temperature applications.

How it Works

When assembled with a mating part the resilient (typically nylon) pellet is compressed. The compressed engineered plastic pellet, acts like a spring, pushing back on the fastener and increasing friction within the threads which helps prevent it from loosening. Because the tip is compressible, it prevents marring and scratching of the contact surface.



ND Pell-it Soft Touch Tip processing prevents marring and scratching caused by metal-to-metal contact.


In applications where an electrical current is present, nylon pellets act as a nonconductor, insulating metal-to-metal contact.

Resists hi/low temps

ND Pell-it processing meets or exceeds IFI Specifications 124, 524, and military Specification MIL-DTL-18240F Type N for temperatures up to +250°F (up to + 120°C).

Resists Chemicals

Nylon is virtually impervious to a wide range of chemicals, water, and motor fluids. Will not dry, shrink, or lose resiliency when exposed to commercial solvents, alcohol, gasoline, oil, caustic soda, jet fuel, and many other chemicals.


ND Pell-it Soft Touch Tip processing can utilize a number of materials to match your unique application requirements.

Outstanding Reusability

Pell-itized fasteners can be reused repeatedly without damage to threads.


  • Saves Time: Pell-itized fasteners can be automatically fed through standard feeding devices – speeding up your process and improving productivity.
  • Quality Control: Pre-Applied parts are built to specification, insuring consistent performance unlike bottled products.
  • Saves Effort: ND Pell-it Soft Touch Tip processing greatly reduces the need for re-tightening.
  • Increased Margins: Add value to your fasteners without adding to inventory by supplying customers with self-locking fasteners.
  • Easy to use: Works on practically any fastener substrate and finish.


  • ND Pell-It Soft Touch Tip is also available in KEL-F® and Vespel® materials for higher temperature applications.
  • Indefinite on part life under ideal storage conditions [+40°F (+4°C) to +90°F (+32°C)], but re-certification must occur once a year.

ND Pell-it® Soft Touch Tip Competes With



Military Fasteners, Aerospace. ND Pell-It Soft Touch Tip is ideal for applications where it is necessary to make repeated adjustments to a gear or pulley on a shaft. This unique anti-marring fastening method will not raise burrs, thus circumventing break downs.

Compatible Fasteners

External Threads:Internal Threads:Rivets:
Set ScrewsN/A

Don’t see your parts on this list? We process thousands of different types of fasteners and depending on the quantity will gladly look at whether we can accommodate yours as well.

Technical Data

Thread SizeA Tip ProtrusionB Tip Diameter

Safety, Technical & Process Data Sheets

Process NameMaterialSafety Data Sheet (Applied)Technical Data Sheet (Applied)Process Data Sheet
ND Pell-It® Soft Touch TipNylonND1013ND Pell-it Soft Touch Tip - PDS
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