DriveGrip® Anti Cam-Out

Anti Cam-Out Fluid
pre-applied drivegrip


DriveGrip is a revolutionary solution to the problem of stripped screws and worn out screw drivers. A unique product formulated by ND Industries, DriveGrip creates a positive grip between the metal surfaces of the fastener head and the tool, increasing the grip strength by as much as 700%, preventing slippage of the driver, and virtually eliminating tool wear, rounding and deforming of fasteners.

Product Information

How It Works

During the Pre-Application process, ND applies DriveGrip to the head of fasteners with automated equipment. The material is then dried and the parts packaged for shipment to the customer. When received, DriveGrip fasteners are dry to the touch and ready for immediate use.

Works With:

  • All kinds of screwdrivers
  • Hex keys
  • Pliers
  • Channel locks
  • Vice grips
  • Open-end and box-end wrenches
Simplifies Operation

Reduces the need for specially designed screwdrivers, reamers or drilling-out damaged screws.

Averts Injury

Helps reduce fatigue and extreme effort that may lead to injury.


DriveGrip can spare you the time and expense involved with drilling out screws, using “easy-outs,” or possibly having to re-tap holes.

Protects Surfaces

Using DriveGrip helps prevent driver slippage which protects surrounding surfaces.

Environmentally Friendly

Odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, DriveGrip wipes clean without staining, and won’t irritate skin.

Unlimited Shelf Life

DriveGrip has a nearly unlimited shelf life and will not evaporate or lose potency under normal storage conditions.



  • DriveGrip is normally applied within the countersink and along the top surface of the fastener.
  • DriveGrip is available from our Vibra-Tite division as a bottled product for consumer end user application.
  • As with all our Pre-Applied products, ND Industries can apply DriveGrip to your fasteners at any one of our regional service centers, or we can supply you with completed pre-applied fasteners.
  • Shelf life of DriveGrip is 4 years when stored in a dry, cool environment.

DriveGrip Competes With

  • N/A


  • DriveGrip works great in applications where fastener heads or drivers are worn or damaged.
  • DriveGrip helps you remove rusted or “frozen-in-place” screws and bolts that won’t budge.

Safety, Technical & Product Data Sheets

Process NameMaterialSafety Data Sheet (Applied)Technical Data Sheet (Applied)Product Data Sheet
DriveGrip®DriveGripDriveGrip (Applied)DriveGrip - PDS

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