Paul Sundstrom Named General Manager at ND Industries’ Illinois Facilities

ND Industries is pleased to announce that Paul Sundstrom has been promoted to General Manager of its Northbrook and Rockford, Illinois facilities. He is taking over the position from John Thramann, who recently announced his retirement. John has worked at ND Industries since 1970 and played an integral role in making ND one of the current leaders in the fastener locking and sealing industry. ND Industries wishes John all the best while he enjoys a well-deserved retirement.

For the past two years Paul has been ND’s lead Sales Manager in Illinois. Prior to joining ND, Paul spent seven years in technical sales, operations, and manufacturing, and earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from Northern Illinois University.  In addition to his education and experience, Paul will be bringing his hands-on approach to learning, as well as listening skills. “I believe it is important to listen twice as much as I talk and allow my employees’ expertise to be voiced, allowing me to make the best decisions possible.”

Paul says that his main focus for the facility will be customer service. “Our goal is to prove to customers, existing and new, that ND Industries is here to provide top-tier service through fast deliveries, excellent support, and competitive pricing. Our service commitment is to accommodate the customer based on what their business, company, or market requires.” To facilitate fastener processing, ND Industries is investing in new equipment at its Northbrook and Rockford locations, which will better service the regions with improved delivery times and pricing.  Paul believes that “Ultimately every customer should feel as if their order received special attention. That’s what will make them eager to work with ND Industries on new opportunities.”