ND LM-1293®


ND LM-1293 is an automotive approved process in which fasteners are accurately coated with thread masking and lubricating materials. ND LM-1293 is compatible with male, female, ferrous, or non-ferrous threaded fasteners of virtually any finish. The use of PTFE materials along with ND’s proprietary binder system makes ND LM-1293 ideal for many applications such as e-cote and weld spatter prevention.

How it Works

After choosing ND LM-1293 processing, have your parts sent to one of ND’s service centers. ND will then apply the appropriate materials to your fasteners with our automated equipment which ensures consistent, quality results. Coated fasteners are then dried and repacked as needed. Upon arrival, parts are ready for immediate installation and use.


Reliable Masking

ND LM-1293 prevents undesirable substances such as electro-deposited undercoatings, weld spatter and some other materials from adhering to fastener threads.

Low Heat Process

Unlike competitive processes which often subject parts to extremely high temperatures that may damage or discolor the fastener, ND’s unique patented process employs minimal heat.

Minimal Pre-cleaning

Unlike competitive processes that require parts be completely free of oil or other rust preventative coatings, only parts with excessive oil or surface contaminants may require pre-cleaning.

Eliminates Capping & Plugging

ND LM-1293 eliminates the need to cap male and plug female threads.

Increases Productivity

Increases efficency by lubricating fastener threads which reduces driving friction, heat buildup, and thread galling in long rundowns while helping to ensure uniform clamp loading.

Versatile Application

ND LM-1293 processing creates a cross-linked coating which provides excellent solvent resistance, high temperature resistance, e-coat resistance, resistance to weld spatter, and improvement to torque-tension properties.

Process Benefits

  • Saves Time & Money: ND LM-1293 processed fasteners eliminate the need for re-tapping, plugging, capping, and slave bolts. This increases greatly reduces labor and material costs.
  • Quality Control: Pre-Applied ND LM-1293 fasteners are coated to specification, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Improved Consistency: ND LM-1293 acts as a lubricant and reduces variation in torque tension while lowering installation torque.
  • Electrical Grounding: ND LM-1293 processing helps to guarantee a good electrical ground.


  • Indefinite on part life under ideal storage conditions [+40°F (+4°C) to +90°F (+32°C)], but re-certification must occur once a year.
  • To meet your specific application needs, ND LM-1293 employs a wide range of polymers, including fluorinated ethylene polymer material.
  • As with all our Pre-Applied products, ND Industries can apply ND LM-1293 to your fasteners at any one of our regional service centers, or we can supply you with completed pre-applied fasteners.

ND LM-1293 Competes With

  • Nylok® Nycote®,  omniTECHNIK® Nycote®

Nylok® and Nycote® are registered trademarks of Nylok LLC, USA. Omnitechnik® is a registered trademark of Omnitechnik, Mikroverkapselungs GMBH LLC, Germany.


Seat Belt Anchors, Weld Spatter Protection, E-Coat Protection, Automotive frame, Underbody

Compatible Fasteners

External Threads:Internal Threads:Rivets:
Banjo Bolts, Hex Bolts, Flange Bolts, Wheel Bolts, Machine Screws, Cap Screws, Wood Screws, Sheet Metal Screws, Self Drilling Screws, Shoulder Bolts, Tube Nuts, Fully Threaded Studs, Double Ended Studs, Singled Ended Studs, Press-In Captive Studs, Carriage Bolts, Lag Bolts, Socket Screws, Set Screws, Eye Bolts, Eye Lags, J-Bolts, U-Bolts, Elevator Bolts, Hangar Bolts, Perforated Base Studs, Through Hole Weld StudsFlange Nuts, Hex Body Clinch Nuts, Prevailing Torque Nuts, Floating Nuts, Hollow Bolts, Insert Nuts, Lock Nuts, Weld Nuts, Barrel Nuts, Chicago Bolts, Jam Nuts, Wing Nuts, Square Nuts, Self-Locating Projection Weld Nuts (WN/WNS), Spot Weld Nuts, Projection Weld Nuts, Bridge Spot Weld Nuts, Tab Spot Weld Nuts, Square Projection Weld Nuts, Flange Weld Projection Nuts, Stamped Flange Weld Nuts, Spot Weld Cage Nuts.Blind Rivets, Break Stem Open Rivets, Closed-End Rivets, Easy-Entry Rivets, Grip Tite™ Rivets, High-Retention Rivets, High-Strength Rivets, Load Spreading Rivets (lsr), Micro Rivets, Multi-Grip Rivets (mgr), Open-End Rivets, Pull-Thru Rivets, Soft-Set Rivets, Tri-Fold Rivets, Ultra-Grip Rivets, Vgrip® Rivets, Grooved Rivets, Peel Rivets, Steel T Rivets, TVD Rivets, Interlock Rivets, Klik-Lok Rivets, Bulbing Rivets, Domed and Flat Head Solid Rivets, Low-Profile Domed Head Solid Rivets, Countersunk Head Solid Rivets, Mil. Spec Solid Rivets.

Don’t see your parts on this list? We process thousands of different types of fasteners and depending on the quantity will gladly look at whether we can accommodate yours as well.

Technical Data

MaterialColorTemp MinTemp MaxSolvent Resistance*K Value**% Solids***
Poly (Tetrafluoroethylene) (PTFE) type material. Other polymers availablePurple, teal and pale yellow (other colors available upon request)-65°F (-54°C)400°F (200°C)150 double MEK rubs 0.14 (typical value)50%

* (ASTM D5402-93 (99)) ** (ASTM D5648-01) (3/8” x 16 x 1 1/4” dry zinc phosphate coated steel nuts and bolts) K value = torque / tension x bolt diameter *** (by weight) (ASTM D2369-01)


Particular formulations of ND LM-1293 meet or exceed the performance requirements of the following specifications and/or standards:

Spec ForSpec NumberND ProcessND Material
CarrierCarrierND LM-1293ND LM-1293 1661P
Fiat ChryslerPS-50015ND LM-1293ND LM-1293 green or purple or Pale Yellow
Fiat ChryslerPS-8542ND LM-1293ND LM-1293 green or purple or Pale Yellow
FordWSS-M21P27-A3ND LM-1293LM-1293
General MotorsGM6076MND LM-1293LM-1293 green, purple, blue ,0899 YPC, Pale Yellow
General MotorsGMW15822ND LM-1293LM-1293 Green & Pale Yellow

Safety, Technical & Process Data Sheets

Process NameMaterialSafety Data Sheet (Applied)Technical Data Sheet (Applied)Process Data Sheet
ND LM-1293®ND LM-1293®ND3560ND LM-1293 - TDS (Applied)ND LM-1293 - PDS
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