Announcing Lunch and Learn Training

ND Industries, an industrial leader in the development and processing of high quality fastener coating products and services, offers a concise Lunch & Learn training program that provides key information about the fastening and sealing industry, as well as common problems and available solutions.

After attending an ND Lunch & Learn, attendees will know the answers to the following questions:

  • What are pre-applied fastening and sealing products?
  • How do these products reduce production costs?
  • Why are they important to safety and quality?
  • Which product is best designed for which application?

Whether a company is interested in addressing a specific fastener issue, streamlining its supply chain, or experiencing continuous improvement education for its employees, ND Industries instructors are available to conduct Lunch & Learn training. For additional information or to schedule an ND Lunch & Learn session within the continental United States, visit the ND Industries web site at