As a fully integrated company, we do it all. We make the materials, build the application equipment and handle all aspects of operations from formulating custom chemical compositions and coating fasteners to providing advanced in-line inspection, packaging and delivery services.

Research & Development

Investing in ND’s future through the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge products and services.

To ensure the highest product quality standards possible, we assembled a team of degreed scientists and PHD chemists dedicated to the development and testing of all our chemical formulations. With more than 55 years of experience in the Automotive, Electronics, Aerospace and Military markets, ND has built one of the most extensive product portfolios in the pre-applied fastener industry. Each ND material has been specifically designed to solve a unique customer application issue.


Not one to rest on its laurels, ND’s in-house R&D and Chemical Manufacturing staff continually works to optimize existing materials and formulate new products through rigorous lab and Quality Control procedures.


The ND Technologies Group holds an A2LA ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Cert#2628.01 accreditation and is able to assist customers by performing independent testing for a wide range of criteria.

ND’s experienced Research and Development staff is available to help you formulate a product that is custom tailored to your unique needs.


Since 1955 ND has formulated products for use in a vast range of manufacturing industries and leverages this knowledge when building new products based around specifications or performance criteria.

ND’s R&D Group can custom formulate and supply:

  • User & Preapplied …
  • Threadlockers & Threadsealants
  • Retaining Compounds & Liquid Gasketing
  • Cyanoacrylates & UV Cures
  • Structural Adhesives & Epoxies
  • Urethanes, Hotmelts & MS Polymers
  • Mastics, Anti-Seize, Masking Compounds
  • And More!

Located in Michigan, the ND Technologies Group is an A2LA ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Cert #2628.01 accredited testing laboratory specializing in ASTM, GM, Ford, Chrysler, SAE/USCAR, IFI, and MIL standards and approval processes.


This facility is cooperatively shared by the ND Industries Inc. and is contracted by companies, and their consultants, in the American, European, and Asian markets.

The ND Technologies Group is your complete source for a range of testing, including:

Shear Strength • Hardness • Fixture Times
Specific Gravity & Density • Volume Change
Torque • Torque Tension • Slipstick
Environmental & Corrosion Testing • Solvent Resistance
Colorimetry • FTIR • Magniflux Testing
Odor • PH • Viscosity • Percent of Solids
And More.

ND’s engineers are always on hand to offer technical support and assist in finding personalized fastener coating solutions.

Chemical Toll Blending

Giving ND the ability to manufacture custom products on demand with minimal lead time.

Once a product formulation is complete, production moves next door to ND’s chemical blending facility where scale-up takes place. The close proximity and collaborative workflow greatly reduce manufacturing time and allow for the customization of materials to customer specifications.


ND’s chemical blending operation annually manufactures over one million pounds of a wide variety of adhesives, microcaps, anaerobics, epoxies, urethanes, ultraviolets, acrylics, and more.


ND chemical toll blending services provide customers with the opportunity to have their own chemical formulations blended, packaged, and prepared for sale.

Design Engineering Group

Building the equipment that applies ND’s custom formulations.

When developing a pre-applied product, formulating the right chemical blend is only half the challenge. Just as important is the process of applying that material onto fasteners. That’s where ND’s Design Engineering Group steps in. They work along side R&D to build the custom application equipment that gives ND the ability to meet virtually any processing requirement.


ND machines operate at some of the fastest rates in the industry while the parts processed exhibit both excellent visual and performance qualities. ND prides itself on the fact that we are able to achieve these goals and still maintain highly competitive pricing. Companies that qualify for ND’s licensing program can gain access to equipment and materials which will put them ahead of their competition.


ND’s fabrication group constantly works to design and build custom application equipment that enhances our ability to meet virtually any client process requirement, including services for:


Jigs & Fixtures

CNC Machining

Custom Tooling

CAD Design

Non-Production Machining

Plant Enhancements

In-Plant Service

Pre-Applied Fastener Processing

Providing high-volume material application in a quality conscious environment.

ND’s Pre-Applied Application Centers are where it all comes together. Once a customer has selected the ND product which meets their specifications, un-coated fasteners are shipped from a manufacturer or distributor to one of ND’s thirteen worldwide divisions or licensees. Once on-site, ND Plant Supervisors and Machine Operators carefully direct and monitor each part as it is processed—sometimes for multiple materials.


To maintain consistent quality, ND divisions operate under strict ISO or AS certifications and, if appropriate, utilize smart factory technology, including vision inspection systems, for in-process checks. Once the parts have been processed, they are collected for delivery as specified by the customer. In addition to standard products, ND also offers services like part sorting, color coding, and even partial assembly, specially designed to make subsequent assembly simple, fast, and more accurate.

Quality Insurance

Automated part processing and quality checks prevent errors associated with manual application.

Saves Time

ND processes at significantly higher rates than can be achieved through manual application.

Saves Money

Less expensive than bottled products and eliminates the need for secondary locking elements.

Inert Formulations

Pre-applied materials remain inert on the fastener and can be stored until assembly is required.

No Contamination

Eliminates wasted materials and environmental contamination caused by messy liquid product applications.

Highly Customizable

ND formulas are designed to meet specific application criteria and can be modified to achieve customer requirements.

Inline Inspection

Reduce shipping and handling by having parts inspected inline, before or after processing.


We can customize our materials and application methods to meet all your specifications.

Authorized Applicator

ND Industries is proud to announce that we are an Authorized Applicator of 3M™ Fastener Adhesives and 3M™ Thread Sealants.

With the widest range of materials available, ND can meet all your pre-applied fastener needs.

Learn details about the pre-applied process for each material typeLearn details about the pre-applied process for each material type

Vibra-Tite Bottled Products

Fulfilling the needs of the OEM and MRO markets.

Value Proposition

Vibra-Tite, the bottled product division of ND Industries, is one of the world’s market leaders in anaerobics, cyanoacrylates, epoxies and ultra-violet technologies. With low overhead and in-house chemical formulation and blending, Vibra-Tite offers products with the same high quality and performance of other name brands, but at cost savings of up to 40%.

Significantly Increase Your Margin

Distributors of leading brand adhesives and sealants have seen margin erosion due to marketplace saturation. In addition, MRO customers are mandating cost savings from their product suppliers. This provides an opportunity for distributors to switch to Vibra-Tite and receive increased margins while passing on cost savings to their end users, without sacrificing quality.

Private Labeling

Create brand loyalty with your own private label bottled product line. Vibra-Tite services have substantially lower minimum-quantity requirements than our competitors, giving your company an excellent ROI.

Product Line

The entire line of available Vibra-Tite products can be viewed by visiting the Vibra-Tite website at