New Jersey Division Inspection & Sorting

High-Tech Inspection and sorting is now available for stainless steel fasteners at ND Industries New Jersey Division. In addition to providing pre-applied adhesives and sealants, ND Industries offers fastener inspection and sorting services for ferrous and non-ferrous fasteners ranging from 0-80 (M1.6) to 8-32 (M4). ND inspection equipment is designed to provide rapid, reliable results that meet the quality demands of today’s manufacturing industry while saving time and money. We can inspect for foreign material, shank length, head diameter, bent shanks, presence of thread, broken punch, recess fill, shoulder diameter, dog point diameter, incomplete tip formation, surface defects & more.
Benefits of ND inspection, processing, and packaging:

  • Reduced shipping and handling costs
  • Improved part turnaround time
  • Less handling = fewer touch marks and less damage
  • Value-added, part quality assurance


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