OEM / Military Specifications

ND Industries products meet or exceed the following specifications or approvals.   Please select a Company or Industry from the list below.

FordFord General MotorsGeneral Motors Fiat / ChryslerFiat / Chrysler OEM / MilitaryOEM / Military IndustrialIndustrial GM BottlesGM Bottles
Spec ForSpec NumberND ProcessND Material
Allied SignalEMS73314Vibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
Allied SignalPCS5618Vibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3, VC-4 aka Formula #4
American Axel MFG.MS-2408Epoxy-LockEpoxy-Lock
American Axel MFG.MS-2408ND Microspheres Epoxy1193S
American Axel MFG.MS-2409ND Microspheres AcrylicAA0795
Atlanta ResearchSP 10234Vibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
Auburn GearETS-005Epoxy-LockEpoxy-Lock
Axletech InternationalSTF 02-450Epoxy-LockEpoxy-Lock
Axletech InternationalSTF 02-450ND Microspheres Epoxy593S
Bendix (Allied Signal)BW-317-PST-3ST-3-L5, ST-3-L6
Bendix (Allied Signal)ES-1821ND Microspheres Epoxy593S
Bendix (Allied Signal)UI-146ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
Bendix (Allied Signal)WI-287ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
BobcatMS119ND Microspheres Epoxy593S
Bombardier (Specialty Bolt)BombardierSpecialty CoatingsSC01-03
Bosch NormN 38 AND Microspheres Epoxy593SB
Briggs & StrattonGM TYPE A (9985473)ST-3ST-3-L5, ST-3-L5A
Briggs & StrattonGM TYPE AA (9985490)ST-3ST-3-W
Briggs & StrattonGM TYPE CD (GM6194M)Epoxy-LockEpoxy-Lock
British StandardBS EN 26977ND Microspheres AcrylicAA0995
CarrierCarrierND LM-1293ND LM-1293 1661P
Case IHBM-050ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
Caterpillar1E2486ND Microspheres Epoxy593S
Caterpillar1E2511ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
Clark Equipment81D-82DND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
Clark Equipment95G-96GND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
Cummins Engine16,512-05ND StripND Strip
Dana613ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
Dana642ND Microspheres Epoxy593S
DanaES-0226ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
DanaES-PS-0614ND Microspheres Epoxy1193S
DanaPS-612ND Microspheres Epoxy1193S
Dana - Boston WeatherheadMS-71ST-3ST-3-W, ST-3-L8, ST-3-L13
Dana - Boston WeatherheadPS-5040ST-3ST-3-W, ST-3-L8, ST-3-L13
Dana -ShabSHAES250Epoxy-LockEpoxy-Lock
Delphi (Delco Electronics Systems)Part No. 00047127Vibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
Detroit Diesel80K14ST-3ST-3-L10
Detroit Diesel80K15Epoxy-LockEpoxy-Lock
Detroit Diesel80K15ND Microspheres AcrylicAA0695, AA0696
Detroit Diesel80K15ND Microspheres Epoxy593S
Detroit Diesel80K15ST-3ST-3-L6
Detroit Diesel9S240ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
Detroit Diesel9S244Vibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
Detroit Diesel9S283Epoxy-LockEpoxy-Lock
Detroit Diesel9S421ST-3ST-3-L10
Detroit DieselTES 173ND Pell-ItNylon
Detroit DieselTPS 12635ST-3ST-3-L6, ST-3-L7
Eaton205372ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
EatonPS-005ND Microspheres AcrylicAA0695, AA0696
EatonPS-005ND Microspheres Epoxy593S
General Dynamics13233419Vibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
Grumman AerospaceGF105VPVibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
Harley DavidsonEG805-34900ND Microspheres Epoxy593S, 1193S
Harley DavidsonEG805-34900ND Microspheres TATA800
Harris CorporationDWG. P30-0013Vibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
Hazeltine CorporationDWG. 260736Vibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
Hyundai/KIAMS-721-39ND Microspheres Epoxy1193S
Index Sensors & ControlsIndex Item number 4014004ST-3ST-3-L9
John DeereJDT 905ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
John DeereJDT 905ND Pell-ItNylon
John DeereRES 10059ST-3ST-3-L5A, ST-3-L6, ST-3-L5, ST-3-L7
John DeereRES 10432ND Microspheres Epoxy1193S
Kelsey-HayesB-3736ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
Leco CorporationPRINT # 764-709Vibra-TiteVibra-Tite VC-3
Lockheed Martin11663357Vibra-TiteIndustrial Grade
Lockheed Martin507-13-410Vibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
Lockheed MartinCAGE # 18876Vibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
Lockheed MartinLMA-ML082BVibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
Lockheed MartinP5407Vibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
Lockheed MartinP5407Vibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
Lockheed MartinP5407-1Vibra-TiteVC-5 aka Formula #5
Mack Truck023 GS 17002ST-3ST-3-W
Mack Truck10AMS1ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
Mack Truck10AMS1ND Pell-ItNylon
Mack Truck3/6AXS5ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
Mack Truck3/6AXS5ND Pell-ItNylon
Mack Truck3/6AXS7ST-3ST-3-W
Mack Truck617GS135ST-3ST-3-W
Mack Truck64AMS1ST-3ST-3-W
McGard, Inc.Quality Standard # 36Epoxy-LockEpoxy-Lock
Mercedes-Benz14 125Epoxy-LockEpoxy-Lock
Meritor (Rockwell)005-2308-010Vibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
Meritor (Rockwell)Q-29Epoxy-LockEpoxy-Lock
Meritor (Rockwell)Q-29ND Microspheres Epoxy593S YELLOW
Meritor (Rockwell)Q-43Epoxy-LockEpoxy-Lock
Meritor (Rockwell)Q-43ND Microspheres Epoxy593S
Meritor (Rockwell)Q-56ST-3ST-3-L6
Meritor (Rockwell)Q-70ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
Meritor (Rockwell)Q-86ND PlastisolPLASTISOL
Monroe Auto EquipmentS-652Epoxy-LockEpoxy-Lock
National Stock #8030-00-163-5792Vibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
Naval Sea Sys. Comm.5174855Vibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
NavistarCEMS D-31ST-3
NavistarNOUN CODE 0810ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
New Process GearPS-616ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
Outboard Marine (OMC)#1767Epoxy-LockEpoxy-Lock
Outboard Marine (OMC)#1767ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
RaytheonDWG. 998730Vibra-TiteVCTS-6
SteelcaseES 3-86-29AEpoxy-LockEpoxy-Lock
SteelcaseES 3-86-29AND Microspheres Epoxy593SB
TRWTMS-P-10559ND Microspheres Epoxy1193S
TRWTPS-C-20,089ND Microspheres Epoxy1193S
US Army Missile Comm.MIS-28867AVibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
US Army Missile Comm.P5407-1Vibra-TiteVC-3 aka Formula #3
US MilitaryMIL-DTL-18240ND PatchND Patch Hi-Temp
US MilitaryMIL-DTL-18240FND StripND Strip
US MilitaryMIL-DTL-18240FND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
US MilitaryMIL-DTL-18240FND Pell-ItNylon
US MilitaryMIL-F-18240END PatchND Patch (Nylon)
US MilitaryMIL-N-25027ND Pell-ItNylon
US MilitaryQPL-18240-33ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
US MilitaryQPL-18240-33ND Pell-ItNylon
US MilitaryQPL-18240-33ND StripNylon
VictaulicES1151Thread Armor® VCVC-1293