Fiat / Chrysler Specifications

ND Industries products meet or exceed the following specifications or approvals.   Please select a Company or Industry from the list below.

FordFord General MotorsGeneral Motors Fiat / ChryslerFiat / Chrysler OEM / MilitaryOEM / Military IndustrialIndustrial GM BottlesGM Bottles
Spec NumberND ProcessND Material
MS-9775EZ DriveEZ Drive 200
MS-9775ND WaxLubeWAX-LUBE 2
MS-CC76 Type A & CEpoxy-LockEpoxy-Lock
MS-CC76 Type A & CND Microspheres AcrylicAA0795
MS-CC76 Type A & CND Microspheres EpoxyEpoxy series
MS-CD451 TYPE EExpandable MasticsND 700
MS-CD466 TYPE EExpandable MasticsND 500
MS-CD51BiSealBiSeal 0630
MS-CD64Expandable MasticsND EM223
MS-CD69Crushable MasticsND M97
MS-CD914 TYPE AST-3ST-3-L5, ST-3-L7
MS-CD914 TYPE BST-3ST-3-L5A, ST-3-L6
MS-DC43ND PlastisolND BBCY43(JX185/JX92D)
MS-DC543ND PlastisolJX-92D Black & JX-185 Black
MS-DM20Powder CoatNYLON 11 or 12
MS-PM1-1ND Color CodeCarco Marking Fluids
PF-4730ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
PF-5077ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
PF-5144ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
PF-5144ND Pell-ItNylon
PF-5144ND StripNylon
PF-5461ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
PF-5461ND Pell-ItNylon
PF-5461ND StripNylon
PF-5683ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
PF-6157ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
PF-6157ND Pell-ItNylon
PF-6157ND StripNylon
PF-6158ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
PF-6158ND Pell-ItNylon
PF-6158ND StripNylon
PF-6616ND Microspheres AcrylicAA0795
PF-6616ND Microspheres EpoxyEpoxy series
PS-50015ND LM-1293ND LM-1293 green or purple or Pale Yellow
PS-7001Dip SpinXYLAN 5251/840
PS-7001Specialty CoatingsSC04-01CBK, SC11-03CBK, QD12-01HP
PS-8542ND LM-1293ND LM-1293 green or purple or Pale Yellow