GM Specifications

ND Industries products meet or exceed the following specifications or approvals.   Please select a Company or Industry from the list below.

FordFord General MotorsGeneral Motors Fiat / ChryslerFiat / Chrysler OEM / MilitaryOEM / Military IndustrialIndustrial GM BottlesGM Bottles
Spec NumberND ProcessND Material
26021231 (Sag. Steering)Form SealForm Seal II
26021231 (Sag. Steering)Stay-PutSTAY-PUT
9984188Expandable MasticsND 400
9984192Expandable MasticsND EM223
9985490ST-3ST-3 Type 1
9985974Bottled Product350015
9986167EZ DriveEZ-Drive 200
GM1131M Type AMasticsND NM97 (for typeA2)
GM1131M Type BMasticsND NM97 (for typeA2)
GM1131M Type DND PlastisolPLASTISOL
GM3640MExpandable MasticsND EM223
GM6013MBottled Product
GM6039MBiSealBiSeal 0630
GM6046MDip SpinQD014-01
GM6076MND LM-1293LM-1293 green, purple, blue ,0899 YPC, Pale Yellow
GM6086M Type 3BND PlastisolP/N L1033
GM6108MAnti-Seize917N Preapplied Antiseize
GM6124MND Microspheres AcrylicAA119X
GM6124MND Microspheres TATA850
GM6175MND Microspheres Epoxy593S,1193S, 294S
GM6175MND Microspheres TATA800
GM6189PND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
GM6194MND Microspheres AcrylicAA0795
GM6194MND Microspheres TATA800
GM9093PND Color CodeCarco Marking Fluids
GME00151ND Microspheres Epoxy593S, 294S
GME00151ND Microspheres TATA800
GMW14657A ND Microspheres AcrylicAA119X    
GMW14657A ND Microspheres TATA850
GMW14657B  Epoxy-LockEpoxy-Lock
GMW14657B  ND Microspheres Epoxy593S, 1193S, 294S
GMW14657C   ND Microspheres AcrylicAA0795   
GMW14657C   ND Microspheres TATA800
GMW15473ND PlastisolP/N L1033
GMW15822ND LM-1293LM-1293 Green & Pale Yellow
GMW16343Anti-Seize917N Pre-Applied Anti-Seize
GMW16722ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
GMW16800Bottled Product
n/aSealtekSealTek 1120