Industrial Specifications

ND Industries products meet or exceed the following specifications or approvals.   Please select a Company or Industry from the list below.

FordFord General MotorsGeneral Motors Fiat / ChryslerFiat / Chrysler OEM / MilitaryOEM / Military IndustrialIndustrial GM BottlesGM Bottles
Spec NumberND ProcessND Material
DIN 267 Part 15ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
DIN 267 Part 27Expand-A-LockExpand-A-Lock
DIN 267 Part 27ND Microspheres EpoxyMicrospheres Epoxy
DIN 267 Part 28ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
DIN 267 Part 28ND PatchND Patch Hi-Temp
IFI-100 (NUTS)ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
IFI-100 (NUTS)ND PatchND Patch Hi-Temp
IFI-107 (NUTS)ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
IFI-124 (INCH)ND PatchND Patch Hi-Temp
IFI-124 (INCH)ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
IFI-124 (INCH)ND Pell-ItND Pell-It
IFI-124 (INCH)ND StripND Strip
IFI-125ND Microspheres AcrylicMicrospheres Acrylic
IFI-125ND Microspheres EpoxyMicrospheres Epoxy
IFI-125ND Microspheres TAMicrospheres TA
IFI-155 (NUTS)ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
IFI-524 (METRIC)ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
IFI-524 (METRIC)ND PatchND Patch Hi-Temp
IFI-524 (METRIC)ND Pell-ItND Pell-It
IFI-524 (METRIC)ND StripND Strip
IFI-525ND Microspheres AcrylicMicrospheres Acrylic
IFI-525ND Microspheres EpoxyMicrospheres Epoxy
IFI-525ND Microspheres TAMicrospheres TA
IFI-555 (NUTS)ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
MIL-DTL-18240FND StripND Strip
MIL-DTL-18240FND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
MIL-DTL-18240FND Pell-ItNylon
QPL-18240-33ND PatchND Patch (Nylon)
QPL-18240-33ND Pell-ItNylon
QPL-18240-33ND StripNylon