ND Announces Major Expansion of Taiwan Division

ND Taiwan, one of ND Industries’ fastener adhesive and sealant processing facilities, has completed a major expansion to its current location, increasing the working footprint by over 50%. The extra floor space has made room for the installation of additional processing machines, all custom built by ND. This equipment, the fastest in the industry, is being utilized for applying a variety of materials, including PTFE, microspheres, plastisol, and nylon patch, to various nuts, bolts, and other small parts.

“We have increased our product range and capabilities,” states Ricky Hsang, General Manager of ND’s Asia Operations. “This, combined with our quick throughput and commitment to quality, continues to give our customers a high-value product.”

Mr. Hsang notes that businesses appreciate what ND Taiwan has done and are sending more work orders their way. “Our business is growing and we are prepared to meet rising customer demand well into the future.”

Tim Marzano, ND President of International Operations, describes the reason behind ND’s growth. “Our expansion is a direct result of the combination of ND’s long term financial commitment to the region and the dedication of Mr. Hsang and his team.”

ND Industries,founded in 1955, has fastener adhesive and sealant processing centers throughout the United States, locations in Taiwan and China, as well as licensees around the globe.

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