Humberto Avila Promoted to General Manager of ND Industries’ Texas Facility

Clawson, Michigan, June 2023 — ND Industries, Inc., a leading provider of fastener locking and sealing solutions, is pleased to announce that Humberto Avila has been promoted to General Manager of its Dallas, Texas processing facility. This advancement highlights Humberto’s dedication and contributions to the company throughout his 17-year tenure.

Humberto’s career at ND Industries began as Quality Manager of ND’s Los Angeles, California location. Over the past few years, he assumed additional responsibilities to prepare for this general manager position. During this time, he effectively managed and supervised day-to-day activities in production, sales, and customer service. Humberto’s work history demonstrates his commitment to continuous improvement.

Notable among his accomplishments are the implementation of robust systems for collecting and tracking quality and production metrics. By utilizing this data as a foundation for vital business decisions at the plant level, Humberto has been an instrumental force in driving ND Industries towards operational excellence. Furthermore, his knowledge in product application design and testing protocols has paved the way for securing major accounts, including renowned companies such as SpaceX, Tesla, and Airbus. These significant achievements exemplify his commitment to delivering exceptional quality and meeting the diverse needs of ND Industries’ valued customers.

As Humberto assumes the role of general manager, he looks forward to leveraging his expertise in aerospace fasteners, combined with his knowledge of production and process design, to foster the continued growth and prosperity of ND Industries’ Texas facility. “Taking on the role of General Manager presents an exciting opportunity to utilize my industry experience and contribute to the success of our Texas plant,” said Humberto Avila. “I am eager to lead our talented team towards achieving new heights of growth and excellence.”

John Sundstrom, Vice President of Operations at ND Industries, noted that the company is looking forward to the benefits that Humberto will bring to the team in Texas. “His product knowledge, customer service skills, technical aptitude, project management and leadership abilities are what we are most excited about.”