Announcing Stay-Put® Washers

Increase the efficiency of your assembly process with the Stay‑Put Washer from ND Industries. Designed as a retention aid, Stay‑Put Washers are used to hold a fastener or multiple components in-place before final assembly.

Unlike plastic retaining washers, Stay‑Put Washers are metal, allowing for proper load distribution. Stay‑Put Washers exhibit a low installation force while still providing excellent retention of the washer to the threaded fastener.

Dry to the touch flexible polymer bonded to the inner surface of a washer at 120° intervals. This geometry helps keep the fastener centered in the washer opening and ensures a secure hold.

REUSABLE: Under normal conditions the Stay‑Put Washer can be installed and removed five times or more without a significant loss of retaining force.

CONVENIENT: No need to manually hold a washer in place while working over head or in hard to reach locations. Fasteners can now be pre-assembled and staged for final locking.

CLEAN: Stay-Put Washers are dry and will not leave behind any residue. They can also be stored for up to 2 years from the date of manufacture*.

CUSTOMIZABLE: Whether you want to change the washer type or retaining properties, our chemical and mechanical engineers can work with you to develop a product suited to your specific needs. With a full A2LA accredited lab, we can also perform testing to verify throughout the design process.

PRE-APPLIED: As with all our Pre-Applied products, ND Industries can modify your washers to make them self-retaining at one of our regional service centers, or we can supply you with completed parts.

* when stored under ideal conditions (4 to 32°C, or 40 to 90°F).

Click here to download a pdf of the sell sheet.