ND Company Spotlight – FTI


Founded by Richard B. Wallace in 1955, ND Industries started out as the Nylok®-Detroit Corporation. At that time the company offered only one processing application, nylon pellet inserts. Through a licensing and technical exchange program, information was shared with Nylok to enhance their products while Nylok-Detroit worked directly with automotive companies to build specs for their materials. These relationships were critical to establishing self-locking fasteners in the automotive industry.

Nylok-Detroit began a phase of expansion and product development which shifted the focus towards customer driven research and low cost processing. To free the company from licensing restrictions and move in a new direction, a name change was made to ND Industries, and Nylok’s partial ownership was bought out. Once it achieved its independence, ND Industries opened a cutting edge Technologies Group comprised of Design Engineering, Research and Development, and Chemical Blending Divisions, while expanding its network of fastener processing centers.


ND Industries’ success in the automotive industry has allowed ND to become a self-locking fastener leader in markets such as electronics, aerospace, marine, military, construction and appliance. In early 2011, ND Technologies Group, ND’s Research, Development, and Laboratory Testing Facility, expanded by relocating to a newly acquired building in Troy, Michigan. The 7,600 square foot area, nearly double the former R & D footprint, provides more room for ND’s chemists and technicians to develop next-generation adhesives and sealants. In addition, ND’s Chemical Blending and Vibra-Tite Bottling Divisions continue to increase their annual
product output.

ND is the only company in the industry that controls every step of its manufacturing process. ND’s growth is supported by this vertical integration, which allows it to react quickly to customer needs, while maintaining low cost and high quality throughout the entire product pipeline.


ND Industries Taiwan and ND Electronics (Kunshan, China) Co., Ltd. have a collective team of over 200 employees and facilities covering more than 60,000 square feet in plant floor area. Unlike many of its competitors’ foreign operations, ND’s Asian facilities are wholly owned divisions. ND Industries’ Asian customers benefit from ND’s U.S. manufacturing experience and extensive connections with U.S. distributors.


Vibra-Tite, ND’s bottled product division, provides quality adhesives, sealants, lubricants and more to customers around the globe. Vibra-Tite is now one of the world’s market leaders in the bottled product adhesive industry. Vibra-Tite’s low overhead and in-house
capabilities allow it to compete with top name brand products at a cost savings of up to 40%.


Through innovation, continual reinvestment and the drive to better serve our customers, ND Industries has grown to become one of the largest self-locking fastener processors in the world. Our divisions span the USA, Asia, and Europe.

• Clawson, MI
• Troy, MI
• Oakland, NJ
• Charlotte, NC
• Northbrook, IL
• Rockford, IL
• Twinsburg, OH
•Arlington, TX
• Santa Fe, CA
• Blythe, CA
• Kunshan, China
• Kaohsiung, Taiwan
• Istanbul, Turkey


From two base pre-applied products in 1965 to currently over 100, ND continues its research and development with the regular introduction of more advanced fastening and sealing technologies. ND currently owns 41 product and process patents in the U.S. and overseas.