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Cross Reference - Equivalents

Cross Reference of ND Pre-Applied Fastener Coatings and Solutions to Competitors.

Inert Thread Locking
ND Material Process Competes with
HQ Self-Locking InsertsHQ Self-Locking Inserts
ND Patch®ND Patch (Nylon 11)Nylok® Blue Patch, Nylok® Tuflok®, Forest City Technologies Astorlok™, Eslok®, Nylok® Torq-Patch® Lock-Nut
ND Patch® Hi-TempND Hi-Temp (Reinforced Nylon)Nylok® Nytemp®
ND Pell-It®Copper
Nylon 6/6Nylok® Blue® Pellet
Stainless Steel
ND Pell-It® Soft Touch TipNylon 6/6
ND Strip®Copper
Nylon 6/6Nylok® Torq-Strip®
Stainless Steel
Vibra-Tite® VC-3®VC-3n/a
Reactive Thread Locking
ND Material Process Competes with
Expand-A-Seal ES0105®ES0105n/a
ND Microspheres® AcrylicAA0695Loctite® Dri-Loc® 200
AA0696Loctite® Dri-Loc® 201
AA0795Loctite® Dri-Loc® 201
AA0796Loctite® Dri-Loc® 201
AA0895Loctite® Dri-Loc® 202
AA0896Loctite® Dri-Loc® 202, ThreeBond 2457
AA0995Loctite® Dri-Loc® 203
AA0996Loctite® Dri-Loc® 203
AA1095Loctite® Dri-Loc® 204
AA1096Loctite® Dri-Loc® 204, ThreeBond 2475
AA1195Loctite® Dri-Loc® STS
AA1196Loctite® Dri-Loc® STS
AA1295Loctite® Dri-Loc® 211
AA1296Loctite® Dri-Loc® 211
AA1395Loctite® Dri-Loc® 218
AA1396Loctite® Dri-Loc® 218
ND Microspheres® Epoxy1193S3M® Scotch-Grip® 2451 & 2510, ThreeBond 2440
593S3M® Scotch-Grip® 2353 & 4844, ThreeBond 2430
593SAThreeBond 2446, 3M Scotch-Grip® 2353 & 4844
ND Microspheres® TATA300Nylok® Precote® 30, ThreeBond 2471 & 2415
TA800Nylok® Precote® 80
TA850Nylok® Precote® 85, ThreeBond 2403 & 2411
Masking & Lubricating
ND Material Process Competes with
Anti-SeizeAnti-Seize 917NLoctite® Preapplied Anti-Seize, Nylok® Ny Plate®
EZ Drive 300™EZ Drive 300™Nylok® Nytorq®
ND LM-1293®ND LM-1293®Nylok® Nycote®
ND WaxLube® 2ND WaxLube 2Forest City Technologies Torq-Ease FCMS 402
Specialty CoatingsSC502HV (#006)
SC503 (SC13-06)
SC603 (SC10-07)
Advanced Sealing
ND Material Process Competes with
Biseal 0630®0630Forest City Technologies Biwax A-6576
ND Crushable Mastic SealerND 505
ND 600
ND M97L&L Products L1030, Forest City Technologies FC-XE-16, Chemseco 3002
ND Expandable MasticsND 400
ND 500
ND 510
ND 700
ND 750
ND EM223L&L Products L1041
Plastisol Applied-to-MetalJX-185
Plastisol Applied-to-MetalNylok® NyPlas®
Plastisol Open-MoldPlastisol Open-Mold
SealTek™1120Nylok® NySeal®, Anochrome Group® Rimlex®, Precote® 200
ST-3®ST-3-L10Loctite® Vibra-Seal® 517 mod
ST-3-L11Loctite® Dri-Seal® 506
ST-3-L13Loctite® Dri-Seal® 513
ST-3-L33M® Scotch-Grip® 4291
ST-3-L4Nylok® Precote® 5
ST-3-L5Loctite® Vibra-Seal® 503
ST-3-L5ALoctite® Vibra-Seal® 503HV
ST-3-L6Loctite® Vibra-Seal® 516
ST-3-L7Loctite® Vibra-Seal® 517
ST-3-L8Loctite® Vibra-Seal® 503 mod
ST-3-L8ALoctite® Vibra-Seal® 503 Hvmod
ST-3-W3M® Scotch-Grip® 4291
Assembly Aids
ND Material Process Competes with
ND Color CodeND Color Code
Stay-Put®Stay-PutNylok® NyStay®